Hervé Graumann

Our next exhibition presents Hervé Graumann and its new piece AK66, specially created for the Base Window. This artwork is part of his series of “ornamental installations where the impression of a numerical image production is inevitable and immediate”.

Using themes cherished by the artist such as the studio, recycling, and ephemerality, AK66 uses as a basis the cement tiles that adorned the lobby of the recently destroyed building located at Route des Acacias 66 in Geneva, where the artist set up his first studio in 1986.


Base has been influenced and inspired by the art world from day one. It is at the core of our DNA. This is why we created BaseWindow, a platform for exhibiting young and established talents from the art and design scene that excites and nurtures our creativity.

This gallery space at our Geneva studio features work that relates directly and indirectly to our branding and communication projects – allowing us to test and discover new ideas, experiences, and relationships.


AK66 Hervé Graumann Opening 08.12.22

Rue de Monthoux 12 1201 Genève
022 321 64 04 info@basewindow.ch